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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where We've Been And the Farmer's Market season has begun again!

It has been months since I posted on this blog.  Unfortunately, we have been experiencing technical difficulties that took us two months, all of our IT guy friends, and switching internet providers to solve.  Our internet was so slow for two months, that I just could not see even trying to put up a blog post.  Sadly, during this time I also seem to have lost my camera.  I wanted to post this blog today, and really wanted to include pictures too, but since my husband takes his camera to work with him.  There fore, I am just going to have to use words to describe our wonderful farmer's market and culinary experiences from today.

Today was the opening day for the West End Farmers Market which is the closest market to our house.   I was sad that my two favorite vendors from last year were not there, and are not on the vendor list for this year.  I'll have to see if I can hunt them down and find out if they are at other local markets this year.

Still, I was delighted to meet a vendor, who is new to this market, Rona, from Sullivan's Pond Farm.  Not only was she wonderful at introducing myself and other customers to her delicious goat cheeses, but she also was selling the most beautiful buckets of goodies!  At $20.00, I think they may have been one of the best deals at the market today!  My bucket included a dozen beautiful speckled brown and green free-range eggs, a bouquet of Irises and other flowers and fragrant herbs, perfect for our nature table, a bundle of beautiful fresh asparagus and parsley and  a wonderful little husk wrapped package of Sandy Bottom, a delicious goat cheese coated in ground black pepper.  She also slipped a recipe for an omelet using these ingredients.  I sampled and just loved her Tidewater raw goats milk cheese, however, Rona had already sold out of it today.  She graciously offered to set some aside for me on Wednesday, if I send her an email.  This type of interaction with wonderful producer/vendors as well as the incredible quality of the products are what farmers markets are all about for me!

I also bought a bar of Patchouli with clove soap from KJ Soaps.  Patchouli and clove are two of my favorite scents but not two I would have thought of putting together.  I have to say though, the combination smells even better than either one would on it's own.  It's spicy and earthy but also has a certain sophistication to it!  Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting my next shower!

After W woke up from his nap this afternoon, I made us a large omelet using the recipe I received at the market today.  I also added a little chopped smoked salmon that I had on hand and needed to use.  W and I both just loved it!  W has always refused to eat asparagus before, but gladly ate it in this omelet!  He especially loved the goat cheese though.  His face lit up every time he tasted it!

Such a rewarding  and delicious day  for my little guy and I!


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