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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Continuing our blogging break..

I haven't posted in a long long while.  We've had an overwhelmingly busy few months with birthdays and holidays etc.

Also, our family is preparing to move in the near future so I'm really busy preparing for that.  I'm decluttering our home and weeding out the things we don't feel like we want to take to our new home.  I'm also busy researching natural and attachment parenting and Waldorf resources in our new city and trying to find places to make some connections there.  I'm also trying to maintain as normal of an environment for our family as I can through all of this chaos.  Most importantly, our family is trying to make time to spend in our community here, with our dear dear friends, at our church, at events at our local Waldorf school, and all of our favorite places to visit in the area.

I'll be back to blogging on the other side of this move once we are settled in and getting back into our rhythm.


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