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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Loveliest First Mother's Day as a Mom and the most beautiful gift from my own mother

I hope that all of the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was really beautiful. What I really wanted out of the day was just to spend some relaxing family time with my guys and I got just that. After church, DH, DS and I went to Meadow Farm Park where we had a really lovely picnic and then spent time looking at all of the animals and went on a tour of the house. What a great park! I enjoyed our time there very much. Then we came home and I spent time playing with DS while DH helped me out with some cleaning and made dinner (for the rest of the week I think)!

I really didn't want much in terms of gifts. My mom had sent a bit of money and I used some of it to buy some plants for my little garden and to put on my front porch. DH bought me some perfume which was lovely. The most moving gift however, came from my mother. I had recently told her that I am trying to switch from paper tissues to cloth handkerchiefs so she sent me several packages of men's handkerchiefs (which seem to be the only kind that are readily available in the stores anymore) and a beautiful box of 16 antique handkerchiefs that belonged to my great grandmother Lillie with a note to please use and enjoy them. When I talked to my mom, she said that she would rather see them in use and being enjoyed than just sitting in a box in the closet. I can not think of a lovelier gift that she could have sent.


  1. Herwitsend (Amy) from NAP here... Just wanted to say that the hankies are beautiful! I have my great grandma's, as well (and I use them)!

  2. I love your mother's gift! How wonderful. :)


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