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Friday, July 10, 2009

My New Creative Obsession

My new creative obsession is making toys for DS. I started the other day by knitting a crown for him out of cotton yarn that turned out way too big. I then decided to play around with the pattern I had developed and make one from wool and then felt it. While researching felting I also decided to make some felt balls out of some wool roving I had left from the time I had brief fantasies about spinning my own yarn. The whole process is so rewarding and so much fun and I think making beautiful textile toys may just be my calling in life (other than being a mommy). I am wondering if it would be worth my while to start making some of these items to sell. In the meantime DS seems very happy to test out the toys and help with market research.
I am now working on a knitted gnome for DS loosely based on this pattern . I am debating if I should attempt to felt this gnome too. Can you tell I love felting. I also need to get some more wool roving for stuffing the gnome and for making more felted balls and more yarn for making crowns.
I also have plans to make DS a play kitchen and some felt food so that he can play alongside me in the kitchen.

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