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Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas has come and gone...Happy New Year!

Christmas has come and gone. We had a nice Christmas with my parents, even though except for Christmas Day, one of us was sick the whole week we were there. That meant many of our traditions just did not happen this year. It was sad, but we will have other years to continue to develop these traditions.

With the New Year, I am setting a number of goals using 43 things as suggested on Wits End's blog. So far I have 18 goals I am working on. They include:
  1. Keeping the kitchen clean
  2. Plan meals/grocery lists
  3. Bake all of our bread
  4. Spend time outside daily
  5. Say grace daily
  6. Baby proof kitchen
  7. keep a calendar of appointments
  8. learn to spin
  9. use my sewing machine
  10. grow a garden
  11. compost kitchen waste
  12. make my bedroom a sanctuary
  13. do at least one load of laundry a day
  14. update this blog at least once a week
  15. get rid of the remaining plastic toys
  16. develop a good daily rhythm for DS and I
  17. pick up living room each night
  18. fold and put away laundry daily

I can link my progress entries from 43 things to my blog, so I will keep things up to date on how we are doing with all of this!

Happy 2010!


  1. I love your goals! I feel you on those..especially the sewing machine one! good luck :)


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