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Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Have Caterpillars In The Parsley!

This morning W and I stepped out on our balcony to cut some herbs to put into our morning omelet.  While cutting the parsley, I noticed this caterpillar.

I ran back inside to get my camera.  When I returned I photographed not only this caterpillar but also two others!

I think these must have hatched from eggs left by our "flutterby" friend two weeks ago.  This is so so exciting.  I've done a little research and I'm pretty sure this is some sort of swallowtail, possibly a black swallow tail.  If anyone reading this is better at identifying butterflies and caterpillars than I am, please give me you opinion on this!  Also, since these little guys munching on our parsley are a covered in little "horns" I think it is safe to say they are probably first instar and have quite a bit of growing to do before they form their chrysalis.  I hope our balcony will be a hospitable place for them to grow and pupate.  I'm more than willing to share our parsley with these amazing creatures.

I'll be sure to keep gently checking in on them and take more pictures.

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  1. They are lovely, but you can say goodbye to your parsley! Parsleyworms (yes, the larvae of the black swallowtail) will destroy your parsley and dill within a matter of days. I've been through this before ;-)


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