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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simple Joys-Community

You might ask what a picture of Toadstool with a bandage on his poor little head has to do with community or joy.  Well, the bandage is covering four stitches that he got this week after falling at the park while there with his class at school.  My poor guy.  Not too joyful yet....huh?

Anyway, our school and the community around it is amazing as was evidenced yet again by the whole situation.  We were so supported by the whole community through this...from Toadstool's teachers to the office staff to the other parents they were just so wonderful and helpful.  A staff member from the school even went to the ER with us till Papa could get there and his teacher called several times that afternoon/evening to check on him.  My mama friends from the school were so supportive too.  One of them had alerted me to call the school as we pulled up to where we were meeting.  We had lots of folks checking in with us and got some wonderful suggestions from other parents (this was new uncharted territory for us...amazingly this is the first time I've ever had to deal with stitches with one of my children).

In the end Toadstool's injury wasn't that serious.  We think his forehead was cut by a piece of mulch when he fell running from one part of the playground to another. It's a good cut and did need stitches but there wasn't a knot or a bump or anything with it.  He's healing well.  Lot s of joy over that.

I'm grateful it wasn't worse than it was and I'm also grateful for all the support our family received   It is a true joy to be a part of that community and I value the friendships and relationships we have at our school so much as well as the true sense of community as we all work together to make it a beautiful safe, loving haven for our children and by extension, their families!  Knowing we are a part of this special community brings great joy for our family.

What are your simple joys this week?

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