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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nursing Necklace

DS is a very distractable nurser these days which makes breast feeding a bit difficult. I have been looking at nursing necklaces for a while and this week decided that I would try to make one. I already wear a large piece of amber on an adjustable leather cord most days and DS loves to play with it but it is too short for him to play with while nursing.
I found this lovely ring and pretty wood beads at the craft store today and created this necklace with a two yard length of fairly heavy leather cord. I tied a knot in between each bead as is done with amber teething necklaces to minimize choking hazards and tied the cord together after the first three beads on each side to make a loop that DS can also hold on to. Like I did on the amber necklace, I also made an adjustable slip knot closure so that I can make the necklace longer or shorter as needed.
So far DS seems to really like it, however I have to convinc him that he should keep the nipple in his mouth and the necklace in his hands, not the other way around. Hopefully we will get that sorted out and it will help DS to be a bit less distracted as we try to nurse.

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