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Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple Picking for My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday last week and had a wonderful time! I took a break from preparing for the Fest of Fall and W and I went apple picking with some of our neighbors at Carter Mountain. It was a beautiful day.

We picked lots of Jonagold apples and then had apple doughnuts and what I think must be the best apple cider I've had in a long time.  It was so much fun watching the kids picking the apples.

Of course we all had to sample some as well.  They were delicious!  One of our neighbor girls declared them "the best apples ever" and she might have been right.  Eating them while sitting between rows of trees in  the orchard, you really couldn't get any better than that!

 W ate one that was almost as big as he is and he loved every bite of it.  We've been eating our wonderful apples all week and have been so grateful to have them and happy that we know exactly where they came from.  It was a wonderful morning!

We finished off the day having a dinner out with Daddy at one of our favorite Italian places and then topped it off with gelato from DeLuca's.  I had pumpkin and amaretto gelato.......yummmm!  DeLuca's is one of my favorite places.  We rarely go there but when we do it is such a wonderful treat!

The day after, W and I went to the Richmond Folk Festival.  It was wonderful! Our family always says how lucky we are to live in a place that has such wonderful festivals and I think this one is the best of them all!

 W and  I listened to lots of bluegrass and oldtime music (which luckily he enjoys as much as I do at this point), and both particularly enjoyed the female Cajun group BonSoir, Catin.  W gave me the cd for my birthday and we've been listening to it all week.  W claps for many of the songs each time he hears them and we've been dancing and singing along when I manage to figure out the French words.  We topped the folk festival off by listening to the Sand Mountain Sacred Harp Singers.  I love shape note singing and it was a real treat to see  a live performance of it!  If you've not heard it before, there's a sample on the Richmond Folk Festival's Performer's page. This music gives me goose bumps!

I had a wonderful couple of days celebration and then it was back to work.  The Fest of Fall at our local Waldorf School is tomorrow, and surprisingly, I'm ready and really looking forward to it! Of course, best of all is that unlike last year, I'll actually get to sleep the night before the sale.  I won't say I haven't pulled a couple of all nighters this week, but at least these last couple days before the sale I'm able to catch up on my sleep and I should be able to go and be present and really enjoy it!  I'll be back afterwards with pictures!


  1. Hi So glad you found one of my creations at the Fall fest, my husband works on an Apple orchard, so we always have lots of apples in the season. cheers Marie

  2. It was nice meeting you, too & I'm not usually this grumpy. I hate running late! I've gotten used to it taking an extra 15 minutes to get out of the house w/ slow-poking teenagers. I'm slowly learning that when you add an infant to the mix, you gotta add another 30 minutes to that! (How do you operate a stroller again?!) So, I thought the walk was at 8:30. We got there at 8:29 only to learn that it started at 9 & I think my teenager said something like, "Gee. Just take a breath." Ha! Yeah. I should do that more often. Anyhoo. We should get together & craft sometime... And I so wish I had made it to Carter Mountain this year. Alas, my daughter is sweet & cute & all that, but she turns psycho as soon as her bum hits the car-seat...

  3. ...and I'm not usually quite that scattered...I felt a little distracted all day. In the morning trying to set up and help my friend set up her half of the table. And then dealing with childcare for my almost 2 year old....and being distracted by where he was during the day yesterday (he was there for part of the day and then I had the second babysitter not be able to come so it was a bit of a mess..but it worked out). Gotta love the wisdom of teenagers! lol! I'd love to get together and craft sometime.


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