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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

This past week we made a trip to Gallmeyer Farms to visit the pumpkin patch.  We had a great time and W and I really enjoyed having Daddy come with us this year!   We told W he needed to wear a hat so he insisted on wearing his fabulous gnome hat made by by very talented friend over at Blue Iris Hand Crafts (she is the friend I have shared a booth with at our Waldorf School's Holiday Bizarre/Fest of Fall for the past two years and her things are beautiful)!  I love this hat and I think W chose the perfect hat for the pumpkin patch!   Daddy of course picked out a huge pumpkin which our little gnome had quite a time trying to push in the wheelbarrow!

W also picked out his own smaller pumpkin which he tried to carry around himself...but it was really heavy!

So we put it in the wheelbarrow with Daddy's and let him try to push both pumpkins.

We also took a family trip through the hay maze.

And ended our trip with hayride.  W especially loved riding behind the tractor and getting to see the turkeys they keep at the farm.

We are eagerly awaiting carving our pumpkins for Halloween but enjoying them while they grace our front steps!


  1. Sounds like you've had a great time at the pumpkin patch. Your boy looks so cute in the gnomy hat!

  2. Such great fun to go and choose pumpkins. Lovely gnome hat. Hope your boy enjoys his pumpkin!

  3. Oh, what a cute hat! And the giant wheelbarrow. These pictures are so adorable. Nuri will be a caterpillar for Halloween & I will be a butterfly. I was saying today that we would be the perfect Waldorf family if the boys went as gnomes. I have been wondering what bribe I can offer my boys to convince them to go as gnomes. Ha!

  4. Lol Cadi! Good luck getting the boys to be gnomes...that would be the perfect Waldorf family Halloween! The caterpillar/butterfly idea sounds so sweet!

    W's actually going to be a cowboy for Halloween. My mom lives out west and bought this little cowboy outfit before he was born...and it's probably the only year it will fit. He's adorable in it, but, I think he'd rather be a gnome ....he's obsessed....wonder why! ;-)


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