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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Wild Colonial Boy

I've been working on this post for three days, but keep getting interrupted, but with no further ado, here's the post about my Wild Colonial Boy.  

W was dubbed the "Wild Colonial Boy" by one of our fellow visitors to Mount Vernon a few visits back and it really seems to fit him. Of course, the song Wild Colonial Boy is about an Irish boy who goes to Australia, but at our house we've changed the words for W to make it about a little boy who lives in Virginia.  It works well for us and W loves his song!  I sing it to him whenever he puts on his tri-cornered hat.

So, with that in mind, here are some pictures of our latest trip to Mount Vernon.

W was able to help sift some of the threshed wheat. 

And then we saw how to remove the kernels from the chaff.  
I didn't get any pictures, but he also got to shell black eyed peas which he loved!

Checking on the much loved lambs.

Our favorite lamb.  He's appeared on the blog here before, but look how big he has gotten!

Visiting with the adult rams.  W loves them too!

W looking at....

...the mama pig and her sweet 1 week old piglet.  Not sure if she only had one survive, or if they are keeping the others cool somewhere...but this little guy is CUTE!

And of course we have to visit with the oxen!  To find out if they've been pulling...

....the plow we found down in the fields.

 We took a walk through the garden down at the farm area.

 And saw them growing broom corn....

...and sunflowers among other things.

Of course no trip there is complete, unless we stop to play in W's favorite tree.  

Look how huge these roots are!  It's like a little house in there! 

 A perfect place for imaginative play!

Okay, W has told me what he was doing in the following pictures.  I love the versatility of a good stick as an open ended toy!

Going fishing

Marching with the fifes and drums.

Waving the flag!


  1. That looks like a fascinating place. No wonder your Virginian Colonial Boy loves it. I really enjoyed your pictures. x

  2. wow- i would so love to visit this place. You captured some amazing photos, too, friend!! The broom corn is my favorite...we have some hanging in our kitchen... W likes to yank on it, so it can soemtimes be a mess, but it is so worth it!! xoxo

  3. It really is an amazing place! If you ever make it down towards DC OR Virginia let us know! My W would love to show your W around his favorite place! The broom corn is so cool. I just learned about broom corn last year when we went to Tennessee on vacation. I've been fascinated by it ever since and was so excited that Mt. Vernon had some growing!

  4. What a fun day! And how cool he gets to be so close to the animals. Makes me want to take my girls there, they would love it!


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