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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along

Okay, finally, I am getting to my Yarn Along post today joining with Ginny of Small Things

 I am still knitting away on W's hoodie sweater and I have started the second of his socks.  I have had several big housekeeping projects come up this week, so my knitting time has been a little less than I would have preferred  still, the leg of the sock is well under way and I'm over halfway through the front of the sweater so that is some progress!

As for the books, my copy of Homemaking As A Social Art was misplaced (with the help of a certain little boy) after I took a picture of it last week so I haven't gotten too much further, but I must say I found and picked it up again this morning and really love it!    The description of the importance of rhythm and how it is developed is one of my favorite ones that I have read.    It felt like light bulbs were turning on in my head while I read it.

For my bedtime reading I've been continuing with the Little House on The Prairie books, moving on to On The Shores of Silver Lake.  I'm not sure why, but when I think back to the Little House books and reading them with my mom as a child, this is the one I think about and that I remember most clearly.  I loved reading about Laura and her cousin Leena riding ponies bareback and about the Ingalls family living in the shanty town.  It has been like visiting with a dear old friend and recalling stories of the past.

I'm looking forward to reading about what you are knitting and reading over the next couple days.


  1. I love the colorway of those socks! May I ask which yarn it is?

    The homemaking book sounds very interesting. Rhythm is such an important part of making daily life at home peaceful and productive.

  2. Thanks! I really love the yarn. It's Plymouth Happy Feet and the colorway is 21.

    The homemaking book is very interesting. So far in the first few chapters there have been very few mentions to what people traditionally view as homemaking...just so you know, but it's been a really good thought-provoking read and I agree about rhythm. Ours is all over the place since we moved and we are suffering in so many ways. I'm trying really hard to get us turned around now.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Much love!


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