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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn Along

I am joining Ginny from Small Things in her Yarn Along again this week.   Thanks for all the comments on Wuthering Heights last week.  It's slow going, but I've stuck with it and I am enjoying it.  It was definitely worth getting through those first pages. I've also been rereading parts of Simplicity Parenting this week looking to get us back into some semblance of rhythm for the summer.  I've especially been focusing on what he has to say about sleep since that is sometimes a bit of an issue for us.

In terms of knitting, I'm still plugging away at that shawl.  It's growing and getting closer to the lace part, but has a little ways to go.  I'm finding this to be my go to project to knit on while I'm reading since it is mostly easy stockinette with a yarn over thrown in here and there.  I also decided to start on a Pembroke Sweater Vest for W.  I'm really enjoying working on the cables and it's coming along more quickly than I would have imagined.

I found a local yarn shop in our town this week and of course W and I had to stop in to check it out.  I'm so glad we did!  It was an amazing experience. The owner brought out coloring books and crayons for W and totally engaged him while I was trying to decide what yarn to buy.  The shop is under new ownership and the owner is working hard to get classes going.  We even had a fantastic discussion about how important she thinks it is for boys to learn to knit.  I could not agree more and think it is wonderful that one of her goals is to have monthly knitting nights for men and boys at the shop! I'm really looking forward to spending more time there. W  helped several customers (including myself) choose yarn for their projects.  He choose green yarn each time!  I love the superwash merino he helped me choose and couldn't wait to knit it up so I started a pair of socks for him.  He is really excited about them and keeps saying "Mama's making socks for me!" each time he sees me knitting them.

W's book pick this week is Puff the Magic Dragon.  We received the book as a gift when he was born and he had not shown much interest in it till recently, but oh how he loves this book (pictured with W's cup of Strawberry tea by his request).  It didn't take him long to learn every single word of the song as we read this book over and over.  He sings about Puff and Jackie Paper constantly now!  He decidedly however, does not enjoy the CD that came with the book, though I enjoy it having grown up listening to Peter Yarrow sing with Peter Paul and Mary.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is reading and knitting this week!


  1. Loved Puff the Magic Dragon growing up.

  2. Beautiful colors for both the shawl and the sweater!

    Very neat about your local yarn shop, too. I fully intend to teach my Little Guy to knit when he is old enough. How wonderful to have a yarn shop owner who agrees!

  3. 10 points for perseverance, Wuthering Heights is tough but well worth it. From experience, it gets easier and more and more enjoyable each time. Bit like knitting! I too love Puff and sing that sweet song. We have the book at school and it is lovely to hear all the children singing together. I remember my second grade teacher teaching everyone to knit and it was just lovely watching the boys knitting. With kindness, Katie x

  4. We have the same copy of Puff the Magic Dragon. It is a popular choice at reading time.

    Lucky you to find such a good yarn shop. We have an Aladdin's cave of a yarn shop in a nearby town. They have a box of toys for the children, which means I am free to browse their wonderful selection. Yeh!

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