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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Along

I am  joining with Ginny of Small Things again this week for the Yarn Along.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone is knitting and reading this week.

For my reading, I'm still working on Wuthering Heights and still enjoying it.  I'm going to reserve further commentary on this book though till I finish it.

On the needles this week, I still have all of my projects from last week as well as another shawl using cotton yarn.  My intention is for this to be a Christmas present.  I've been working on most of these projects a little each day.  I am putting my foot down with myself however and not allowing myself to cast on any more projects till I complete at least one of these.  I realized this morning when I was putting all of the projects out together that they are all in shades of blue or green.  I have some delicious reddish-brown yarn waiting for my next project to break out of that rut.

You might notice one further addition to my table of knitting this week.  A new pair of reading/knitting glasses. I've never worn glasses before and I am amazed at how much more clearly I can see my work and my reading now.

W's book pick for this week is The Rose In My Garden.  We love the beautiful illustrations of flowers and critters.  If you are familiar with the book you might find it somewhat ironic that our cat was pretty insistent on staying on the sofa while I photographed it. 


  1. your knitting looks great and how wonderful that you can see it more clearly with your new glasses

  2. I can completely relate to casting on too many projects for Christmas. It's that time of year, for those who make many presents by hand, isn't it?

  3. That's great about the glass :) Isn't funny how sometime we have to put our foot down on ourselves to get one project done no new knitting on other needles

  4. I am trying to be strong too. Lost of lovely blues and greens, but it will be hard to resist the reddish brown.

  5. How ironic that I just knit with reddish brown yarn and am thinking about casting on something with either blue or green!

  6. Cute glasses!! When I get to that point, very very soon, I want a pair just like them :). Who am I kidding. I am probably at that point now. Love your little kitty sitting in the background.

  7. Thanks for reminding me that I want to read Wuthering Heights again! I have been between books for a few weeks and that sounds like just the ticket.

  8. I read Wuthering Heights in one of my early college classes and to be honest, I only barely remember it. I wonder if it's worth picking up again...

  9. You have such a cute pair of glasses! I think all of your projects are lovely.

  10. I often have to impose that same rule on myself. Especially now that it feels like Christmas is just around the corner since the year is half over, and I still have *so* much to do!

    Love your new glasses. xo

  11. I loved Wuthering Heights. I forget how many times I have read it. No film version ever lives up to the book. Good for you getting ahead with your Christmas presents. Nice glasses. They look fun frames.


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